Sadness is the strongest feeling

By Brendan Boylan, This column comes to you amidst a maelstrom of emotions. First off, let it be made abundantly clear that this writer has no problem with the current Meath management team. While Seamus McEnaney was only properly introduced to me very recently, I have known Tom Keague all my life and was blessed to befriend Graham Geraghty and his wife Amanda what is a good few years ago now. That said, Sean Boylan also holds an immeasurably special place in my life and that of my family as well. No, we are NOT related, but Sean is my … Continue reading Sadness is the strongest feeling

A need to vehemently defend a sporting institution

By Brendan Boylan, Every facet of life contains risk. If you run the shower too hot, you might get scalded. Play the stock markets and there’s a good chance you’ll get burned in another way. Those that play contact sports know big hits are never far away. Working with horses can be dangerous business too. People who do just that know this too. Those who own the horses, plate them, train them and ride them. Risks are always there. Several times over the years, instances have occurred where farriers, trainers, jockeys and horses have been injured in the working environment … Continue reading A need to vehemently defend a sporting institution

Idiocy, fickleness and enigmatic genius

By Brendan Boylan, Part of what makes sport attractive is the array of characters that star therein. And the flamboyant ones always seem to have even more drawing power. Think of Owen Mulligan’s bleached head (now ponytailed!), Cristiano Ronaldo’s mesmerising, often infuriating trickery, Frankie Dettori’s flying dismounts, the list goes on. John Daly Golf has some of them too. The fashion sense of John Daly and Ricky Fowler makes them both stand out, never mind the fact that both are also prodigiously talented players. Daly mightn’t be as sharp as he once was, but he still makes compelling viewing – … Continue reading Idiocy, fickleness and enigmatic genius

A drastic need to look where we’re going

By Brendan Boylan, Former Clare goalkeeper and acclaimed writer Christy O’Connor recently wrote an article, the headline over which was the following: ‘Directors have major role to play in the progression of most counties’. In the piece, O’Connor highlights the example of John Evans, who, in his role as Director of Football in the Premier County, oversaw commendable progress in the big ball code which yielded an All Ireland title at Minor and a provincial one at U-21 for Tipperary. Later in the same piece, Meath’s poor recent record at underage level was mentioned. With the exception of Leinster MFC … Continue reading A drastic need to look where we’re going

Go against the establishment and side with Rebels

By Brendan Boylan, They say that when Tiger Woods twirls his club in a certain way after taking a shot, you know he’s in the zone. If the fist pump appears, his fellow competitors should be very wary indeed. In his case, it is most striking because the man very rarely displays any kind of emotion. GAA people never have any such problems however, whatever the circumstances.  John Gardiner. Yet, there are recognisable signs too that something extraordinary may be about to happen.One of the best things about modern technology in televisions is the ability to record something while watching … Continue reading Go against the establishment and side with Rebels