Perspective on the value of sporting success

The omission and/or self imposed exile of the likes of Darron Gibson and Kevin Pietersen from their respective sports has garnered much airtime and many column inches in recent months. In the opinion of yours truly, Gibson is simply sulking and feeling sorry for himself. Right, so he has lost out to the Irish soccer manager’s seemingly unending obsession with Glenn Whelan. But, at any level of sport, competitors have to bide their time. Do you think Bernard Brogan enjoyed serving his apprenticeship on the Dublin bench? Fat chance!As for Pietersen, where his tale is similar to that of Gibson … Continue reading Perspective on the value of sporting success

Celebrating memories that shaped lives

Throughout my life, it has been an honour and pleasure to have former Meath manager Sean Boylan as a neighbour and friend. While we are not related, that we share the same name only makes things more special. In all the years I’ve known Sean, only twice has the sight of him getting emotional been witnessed. Once was while delivering the graveside oration for my late mentor and most special friend, Tom Yourell. The other was at the recent function to mark the silver jubilee of Meath’s first All Ireland SFC during his stewardship. MEATH TEAM 1989 Mind you, he … Continue reading Celebrating memories that shaped lives

Questionable tactics in tough times

Certain members of the Racing fraternity known to this writer must be doing serious head scratching at present. Think about this: two horses, broken as 3-year-olds almost two years ago. One ran in a bumper in Gowran Park at the end of May and hasn’t been on the track since. The other was in training for so long and didn’t get a run it has since been eased out of training again. In both cases, the major problem was ground conditions during what was a dire attempt at a summer. Many people will have had similar experiences. Recently though, other … Continue reading Questionable tactics in tough times

History repeated in more ways than one

Tradition has to count for something. Aficionados will question the accuracy of the previous statement given that Meath had never contested a Camogie All Ireland Final prior to their most recent excellent victory over Down. There’s a method to the route we’re taking on this journey however, so stay aboard!Back in the mid 1990’s, these wheels rolled into Croke Park to see the Meath lady footballers take on and defeat Donegal to claim the All Ireland JFC. Dunboyne’s Dorothy McGoldrick was on the team at the time. Though, in a football sense, she was domiciled in Summerhill as there was … Continue reading History repeated in more ways than one

Talent and expectation must be managed with perspective

Victoria Pendleton’s book gives a stark insight into sport at the highest level. Admittedly, at this stage it must be said that only exerts thereof have been read. But there was still enough of an insight therein to illustrate at darker side of some of what goes on.Often has it been said in the past that Athletics and Cycling must rank as the most gruelling sports going from an individual perspective. Maybe the latter even more so than the former. Some of what Pendleton went through to become the celebrated Olympic champion she recently retired as was certainly not for … Continue reading Talent and expectation must be managed with perspective

Mixed up Mayo define new system

Before anyone mounts high horses, that headline is not a dig at the Connacht kingpins. As this corner has been accused by some of popping in the past. Rather, it is meant in tribute. In any other era, James Horan would have to rank as the brightest boss in the game. This, however, is the era that Jim built. McGuinness, that is!Last season, Donegal’s style of play was ugly. Effective, yes, but woefully hard on the eye. Though they may not have realised it at the time, it actually limited their own prospects as well. This year, their method has … Continue reading Mixed up Mayo define new system

A few men that make the game beautiful!

Those that champion the English Premier League as the best in the world sight the fact that some of the best players going ply their trade therein. Granted, aside from the top home grown performers, there has been an influx of some masterful talent from other countries. Without even going too far into the past. Look no further than the likes of Robin van Persie, David Silva, Sergio Ageuro, Gervinho and Luis Suarez. Swansea’s Michu already looks like he could attain stardom there too. NEIL LENNON, CELTIC MANAGER For all the incomings, though, what has been a fairly steady and … Continue reading A few men that make the game beautiful!