Big breakthrough for Aaron Buggle

If you believe in someone or something, repeatedly stating the case is no harm. No matter how boring or unpopular it might seem. And yes, there is a certain kick to going against the grain! Now read on…A while ago on these pages, it was opined that being sceptical and scathing about Cycling was as ‘in’ as the latest technical gizmo. Not without reason either. While there always seems to be an air of suspicion around things like the Olympics, surely affairs of the bike have been exposed as some of the most sordid in sport anywhere.Let it be said … Continue reading Big breakthrough for Aaron Buggle

New starts always bring a certain amount of optimism

For a brief period in the early to mid ‘90s, this corner flirted with the idea of getting involved in the local soccer scene. There, it’s out there now! It was mostly due to the fact that my brother in law Kieran began playing with the club here in Dunboyne. And under the astute management of Liam Knox they enjoyed some of the most successful seasons seen in the club.Totally deserting the GAA was never really on the cards though. So, the result was a busy period of dual sports viewing. Several Sundays were spent taking in a soccer match … Continue reading New starts always bring a certain amount of optimism

Winter’s greatest pleasure back in full swing

You know October has dawned when Noel Meade’s horses begin to hit top form. It’s also a fair indicator that the National Hunt season is about to hit top gear. Now, it has often, wrongly, been said that, from a betting perspective, the Tu Va team aren’t as good a value after this part of the season. Of course this is utter twaddle, Noel wouldn’t have been champion trainer seven times and led the money list a dozen times were his horses not in good form throughout the season. TRAINER GORDON ELLIOTT AT CHELTENHAM 2012 The undoubted highlight from October … Continue reading Winter’s greatest pleasure back in full swing

The exciting problems at number 10!

With David Cameron having recently joined Twitter, Ed Miliband seemingly coming of age and the ever colourful Boris Johnson even mooting a challenge to the sitting PM, you may have thought yours truly was about to embark on a political piece given the above headline. Well, as a political newcomer in this country ignominiously put it a while ago ‘chilax’!The heading refers to the bountiful options available to Declan Kidney and those in control of Irish rugby in the pivotal fly half berth. For some reason, it’s a position the Irish have always had exceptional performers in. Players like Ollie … Continue reading The exciting problems at number 10!

A need to be careful with a special part of our culture

What constitutes an institution in this country? There was a time when the GAA and a certain other entity were foremost among them. A certain drink, the man whose name it carries recently having a day dedicated to him, would have to rank up there too. For those of us with farming in the blood or even an interest in agricultural matters, the National Ploughing Championships merit inclusion as well.During the recently held incarnation in Wexford, a more eminent observer than I noted that it was the one week in the year that farming becomes big news on a broad … Continue reading A need to be careful with a special part of our culture

Momentum often the biggest game changer

Does sport bring about the greatest emotion or emotion bring the greatest sport? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Examples have been numerous over the years. Tyrone winning the All Ireland after Cormac McAnallen’s death. Kilkenny doing likewise after James McGarry lost his wife. Bob Champion returning after serious illness to win the Aintree Grand National. Ulster rugby folk will forever now be touched by poignant emotion following the Spence family tragedy.When Dunboyne last won the Meath SFC in 2005, this machine produced a column headlined: ‘Dunboyne fulfil their destiny’. Reason being that Tom Yourell – who had … Continue reading Momentum often the biggest game changer