Identity lost in broadening of horizons

At a recent conference in Croke Park, Crossmaglen Rangers official Peter McMahon said that he hoped those present “wouldn’t be disappointed by the ordinary nature” of his club. What he meant was obvious, that the Armagh outfit had the same worries in terms of getting personnel to fill committees and look after teams as any other unit. On another level, of course, Rangers are anything but ordinary. Yet, their humility is often the most striking thing. McMahon went on “People often ask what’s the secret? Well, there is none, the power comes from within”. One sensed what he meant was … Continue reading Identity lost in broadening of horizons

Sickening ‘defence’ was the final insult

So, the worst kept secret in world sport is out. Oh, wait, it wasn’t a secret at all. Thanks mainly to the courageous and inspirational efforts of journalists like David Walsh and Paul Kimmage. Lance Armstrong’s extremely belated, haphazard admission and apology, to many at least, will have carried about as much sincerity as what he achieved on the bike and much of what has emanated from his mouth since. David Walsh of The Sunday Times Frankly, very little. But what does it all mean now?Well first off, chances are, many will have doubted how someone like Oprah Winfrey could … Continue reading Sickening ‘defence’ was the final insult

Hope in songs and stories

Over the festive season, a pint (or three) was enjoyed with a friend who – like so many – was forced to go to foreign shores for work. A night with the man in question – and his neighbour who is a dab hand with a tin whistle – usually begins as a catch up and reminisce and ends up in a good old fashioned singsong.Your columnist might be no Christy Moore but is never averse the belting out a bar with enough black fuel aboard! My two companions have a fair repertoire of party pieces but two in particular … Continue reading Hope in songs and stories

A fitting winner – but unfortunately with a sour aftertaste

Every sport has an iconic figure, most sports have a collection of them indeed. In Ireland, we are particularly blessed. Every GAA team has at least one. Whether it be Colm Cooper, Henry Shefflin, Michael Murphy or that one standout player on every team in the country that people aspire to be.Of course, there are participants of similar status in other sports too. Rory McIlroy has the golfing world dancing his tune. With Racing we have numerous outstanding performers in their code such as Ruby Walsh, Paul and Nina Carberry, Barry Geraghty and Davy Russell over jumps. On the level, … Continue reading A fitting winner – but unfortunately with a sour aftertaste