Heartbreak at one that got away

There are times you don’t want to be right. Times, too, when it’s best to let emotions cool a little before commenting on happenings. Yet, the inescapable fact is that the refereeing in Meath’s game against Tyrone was extremely poor. And that’s the nicest way one could put it. Meath could, rightly, feel at the very least hard done by over a plethora of dubious calls that went against them. It’s not the first time that’s been the case in similar circumstances and it’s something those in a position to need to act on. Meaths Padraic Harnan Strip away the … Continue reading Heartbreak at one that got away

Let’s stick to the glass half full theory

Analysing Meath-Dublin games is always difficult. Maybe this time more so than usual, however. Looking objectively, Meath lost, again, by more than last year, and have only beaten Dublin once in 12 years in the championship. That’s not good enough and, as one observer with a finger on the pulse of all things Meath GAA put it last week – “’Banty’ will be saying now that he got within three points of Dublin but was got rid of!”Which is of course true, but it’s not as simple as that. While all talk of returning to traditional Meath values is in … Continue reading Let’s stick to the glass half full theory

Murray madness offset by McEnroe magic

The 1986 Leinster final came too early for me. In terms of being there, that is. Having watched the tape of that damp day of deliverance often enough and been sufficiently regaled with tales of the occasion, its significance could never be underestimated. Undoubtedly, that victory was the springboard for the greatest era in Meath’s football history. Similar sentiments must be applied to Andy Murray’s annexation of the US Open last September. Every so often, someone emerges in a given sport and is duly declared to be the next big thing. At one time, Tim Henman was the holder of … Continue reading Murray madness offset by McEnroe magic

Appealing to the widest audience possible

One of the foibles of this job is – partly at least – having the contradict yourself. Being in the position, it instead tends to be seen as adapting a viewpoint as circumstances change and dictate. Now read on… Some months ago, I did a column outlining how the broadening of horizons – in the context of a sports club – can sometimes lead to a loss of identity. Ambition is to be admired, indeed it is crucial, but, a sense of perspective and priority is essential. Boylan Talks Sport Recently, regarding matters in soccer across the water, examples of … Continue reading Appealing to the widest audience possible