Policy makers would do well to heed the old proverb

A column in defence of certain parts of the education system coming from this corner might seem strange given some of what’s gone on in the past. Extraordinary circumstances call for unusual things though. Simpler than that, when a passion is held for something, no matter what it be, when threat looms, the case for the defence will always be advocated. Despite difficulties – to put it mildly – with circumstances at the time, history was always one of my favourite subjects in school. That and Irish. Talk of the latter being at the very least downgraded, when it cropped … Continue reading Policy makers would do well to heed the old proverb

Gentle sparring provides the perfect ice breaker

How many of you recently heard of the plight of Kenny Sansom? The former Arsenal and England player has fallen on incredibly hard times since his playing days ended. So much so that details of same are not about to be repeated here. Now, Arsenal are obviously to be commended for their pledge of support to their former employee. But, that a professional footballer could end up in such circumstances is surely the most glaring point. Jose Mourinho The defender plied his trade in a different football world to that of today. Think of the days when Kevin Moran was … Continue reading Gentle sparring provides the perfect ice breaker

Time for a chat between Rory and Andy?

There was an air of inevitability about having to write this article. In a way it’s sad that it has come to this, but, its origin descends from how life – and sport in particular – is now minutely analysed. Which is almost certainly, in fact, a case of paralysis by analysis. No sign of simply letting things be anywhere. How many different camera angles are now deployed at sports events? Or who ever thought they’d see the day when there’d be microphones in the pockets of snooker tables so viewers could hear – yes hear – the ball drop … Continue reading Time for a chat between Rory and Andy?

Inspirational man walking!

Yours truly would never claim to be an aficionado of athletics. That should be different given the family history, but quite a keen interest is held therein. Particularly cross country fare – that’s probably the farmer coming out in me! There are times though when one wonders what pleasure could be derived from what is – in some codes of athletics at least – gruelling individual pursuit. Each to their own I guess. That’s not to say that those who go the athletic road and indeed prosper aren’t held in the highest admiration. Of course they are, especially with the … Continue reading Inspirational man walking!

New faces don’t necessarily make for better places

Time has made this corner extremely thankful for being at the 2009 All Ireland SHC semi final. Granted, it can about somewhat by accident as the football quarter final between Meath and Mayo was the curtain raiser for Kilkenny against Waterford. Still, life feels more complete for having seen the likes of Tommy Walsh, Henry Shefflin, Tony Browne, John Mullane and Dan Shanahan hurl in the flesh. That feeling has been more pronounced of late. Mullane and Shanahan have faded into the sunset, though it’ll be a sad day for hurling, chances are Browne will now follow suit. The big … Continue reading New faces don’t necessarily make for better places

Magic Martin strode into the west and conquered

Johnny Murtagh recently bagged another Classic across the water aboard the German trained Novelist. When somebody has been at the top of their trade for as long as the Cortown man, these things tend to be taken for granted. With Murtagh, it can’t and shouldn’t be. His story is remarkable. From overcoming personal hurdles and other work related strife, to the fact that he is now – as well as still being a master craftsman in the saddle – embarking on what’s rapidly becoming a great training career at the same time. Tony Martin Combining the two is not easy, … Continue reading Magic Martin strode into the west and conquered

Scepticism cannot be allowed leave a cloud over genuine class

Call it overlap or whatever you wish, the fact is that people who partake in one sport generally retain at least a passing interest in at least one other code. Noel Meade is an avid GAA fan, RMac and GMac follow Manchester United, JP McManus loves his game of golf and Sir Alex Ferguson loves his horses. You get the picture… Tour De France winner Chris Froome Going into the recent Meath/Tyrone game, I had, amongst others, All Ireland winning point scorer Brendan Reilly and his family for company on the train. Along with Cormac Dunne, a talented GAA player … Continue reading Scepticism cannot be allowed leave a cloud over genuine class