History repeated multiple times

                  Over the years, the value and/or importance of tradition has cropped up several times on these pages. Whether it was in terms of rivalries between different teams or things that happen even fairly regularly that are associated, say, with a particular area. All of the above recently came back to mind, now read on… The occasion was Thyestes Chase day in Gowran Park, the highlight of their season at the Co Kilkenny course and, as it happens, a special day every year for the people of our locality as well. You … Continue reading History repeated multiple times

Factories can’t have it every way

                               The old adage about learning something new every day certainly rings true. Especially when it comes to farming. For instance, it was only upon perusal of Katherine O’Leary’s regular column in the Irish Country Living magazine which accompanies the Irish Farmers Journal that it was learnt that she is the wife of Tim O’Leary – newly elected Vice President of the IFA. Anyway, Katherine’s column on the occasion in question was a tribute to the late, great Paddy O’Keefe to mark the first anniversary of … Continue reading Factories can’t have it every way

A look at ‘Beyond Limits’

The following is a Press Release from Catherine O’Mahony of Athen Media: I’m emailing to tell you about Athena Media’s  new T.V production ‘Beyond Limits: The Next Generation’ which is free  to air on Setanta Ireland January 23rd at 10 pm. The hour long  documentary is the follow up to 2012’s ‘Beyond Limits’ which told the  story of several of Ireland’s top Paralympians heading to the London  2012 games, and is presented by blind & paralysed adventure athlete,  Mark Pollock, who also presented the first documentary.  ‘Beyond  Limits: The Next Generation’ picks up after London, where we meet 5  new … Continue reading A look at ‘Beyond Limits’

Blue haven bodes well for green growth

It will come as little surprise to many that two of my most vivid recollections of the 1990 World Cup in Italy revolve around farming. The first was being in the cab of a neighbouring farmer’s tractor listening to the Ireland-England match as Kevin Sheedy scored. Memory number two is of hay making grinding to a halt to enable the workforce watch the penalty shootout in Genoa.Now read on…   Everton’s Seamus Coleman As far as can be recalled – and one sits to be corrected – Sheedy was the only member of the Irish squad employed by Everton at … Continue reading Blue haven bodes well for green growth

Are they finally noticing?

Did you ever notice that there are certain channels on your television you hardly ever watch? Not just in terms of special interest ones, either. Then, one day, something is stumbled upon that tweaks even a modicum of interest. Of course, it won’t always happen, but, occasionally, said airwave will end up with a new devotee. On the ‘goggle-box’ closest to home, BBC2 and CNN would amply qualify as the most dormant. Save the all too frequent channel hopping caused by insomnia, the only times the former usually gets a run is either during Wimbledon or the World Snooker Championships. … Continue reading Are they finally noticing?

Occasionally, perfection is useless!

                                                                          In sport, what merits perfection? It’s one of the questions to which there’s no definitive answer. Simply because, obviously, in different codes, moments of utter greatness manifest themselves in varying ways. For instance, for a GAA player, it would most likely be hitting the winning score in an All Ireland Final. A golfer would probably plump for a hole in one. Having the … Continue reading Occasionally, perfection is useless!

Tanks, Hurricanes and other storms flying around

                                                                                                                                      The Christmas racing feast marks the halfway point in the National Hunt season – and it’s over! Which means there are only around 12 weeks to the Cheltenham Festival. Once that’s out of … Continue reading Tanks, Hurricanes and other storms flying around

Homemade achievements stand comparison with the best

                                                                          There are times, in writing, when opinions on certain matters have to be curtailed a bit. Mostly for fear of alienating somebody. Particularly when working in the local media where rattled cages are more likely to fall down on top of you rather than close up again. That said, if opinions are bubbling under the surface for long enough, eventually they will come … Continue reading Homemade achievements stand comparison with the best