A look at ‘Beyond Limits’

The following is a Press Release from Catherine O’Mahony of Athen Media:

I’m emailing to tell you about Athena Media’s 
new T.V production ‘Beyond Limits: The Next Generation’ which is free 
to air on Setanta Ireland January 23rd at 10 pm. The hour long 
documentary is the follow up to 2012’s ‘Beyond Limits’ which told the 
story of several of Ireland’s top Paralympians heading to the London 
2012 games, and is presented by blind & paralysed adventure athlete, 
Mark Pollock, who also presented the first documentary.  ‘Beyond 
Limits: The Next Generation’ picks up after London, where we meet 5 
new athletes looking to make their mark on the next Paralympian games, 
in Rio 2016.

Irish Paralympian Jason Smith

We also catch up with some of the heroes of London and characters from 
Beyond Limits such as Jason Smyth, Catherine Walsh and Helen Kearney 
and we see them mentor the next generation of Irish hopefuls in a 
variety of sports. It also features up and coming athletes such as 
Niamh McCarthy, Ailbhe Kelly and Heather Jameson.

For more information on Beyond Limits : The Next Generation see the 
links for the press release, billings & photos below;


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