Conversions, crossovers and shifting goalposts

Whilst keyboarding a piece relating to Bill O’Herlihy’s retirement, yours truly erroneously referred to Gift Grub when the mimics it had been the intention to mention were the folks behind Apres Match. Both sets of people are exceptionally good at what they do, but, strange as it may seem, some recent goings on in racing provoked thoughts of another of their kin, Oliver Callan. Continue reading “Conversions, crossovers and shifting goalposts”

The gift of grub that became a staple diet

Here’s a quick story that it’s apt to give another spin to. The impact that Ireland’s presence at Italia ’90, in particular, had on the nation is possibly best quantified by a realisation that it generated an interest in sport among people for whom it wouldn’t normally register. Even farmers in the midst of what represents the busiest period of the year in that sector. Continue reading “The gift of grub that became a staple diet”

Sky coverage evokes memories of ‘Father Ted’

Do you remember the episode of Father Ted where the lovable rogue, Crilly, and dim-witted Dougal – upon hearing of the imminent arrival of Bishop Brennan – hurriedly become ensconced in the Bible? Only for Len to instantly snarl about them “Pretending to talk about religion”. It all came to mind recently when assessing the formative stages of Sky’s GAA coverage.



Father Ted

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Meath Athletic Soccer Academy were recently crowned DDSL U-11 Champions

Boylan Talks Sport happily announces the continuation of their sponsorship of the U-11 team. Editor Brendan Boylan said: “I would like to congratulate all players and mentors associated with Meath Athletic Soccer Academy on a fantastic first season and wish the club every success for the future”.   Attached photos show the victorious squad following medal presentation in Home Farm FC as well as the proud sponsor with his nephew and U-11 player, Ian Byrne. Continue reading Meath Athletic Soccer Academy were recently crowned DDSL U-11 Champions

Some big names sorely missed, others who won’t be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The point in Space Jam where the Tune Squad enlist the services of Michael Jordan and other NBA luminaries is a seminal moment where animation and reality intertwine. It could be said similar occurs each time an episode of The Simpsons is aired as the long running comedy series mirrors so much of what transpires in real life. Continue reading “Some big names sorely missed, others who won’t be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “