A pillar of certainty has been demolished

Dealing with certain aspects of the hand which life dealt from the pack causes an indescribable amount of angst. So indescribable, in fact, that in terms of comment thereon, the area tends to avoided. In terms of dealing with such circumstances, some years back, what’s now considered a blessing was arrived at when the concept of four walls, per se, of protection – though that hardly seems the right term – appeared to form against the most tricky potholes. Continue reading “A pillar of certainty has been demolished”

Incremental changes to a sound footing

Evolution is defined thus in the dictionary: Growth, development, progression. It is something which transcends all aspects of life, sporting and otherwise. Furthermore, given how sport is so intrinsically woven into the fabric of the lives of so many, it’s not a bad spot to start when assessing the rather astounding changes – within sport and without – which have occurred. Even in recent decades. Continue reading “Incremental changes to a sound footing”

Measurement of value ought to be in entertainment

That Con Houlihan will forever stand as the greatest influence on my own writing hardly requires further elaboration. Thus, the Waiting For Houlihan documentary broadcast shortly after the king of Castle Island had filed into the press room in the sky and only recently tracked down again now ranks among the most treasured items in the video library. Now read on…

Continue reading “Measurement of value ought to be in entertainment”

Sad passing of the best part of winter

A bit before my time, a publican down the road in Clonee, Mrs O’Dwyer, or Dwyer as I always heard her called, maintained that All Ireland football final day was the last big day’s trade in the area prior to Christmas. That’s changed to some extent now, as the courageous and welcome decision of Dunboyne Motor Club to revive the historic link between the area and fast cars has been handsomely vindicated. Continue reading “Sad passing of the best part of winter”

If the jersey doesn’t fit…

Throughout the education sector, the season’s activities are coming to a close. Which brings the mind to thinking that primary education is entirely aptly named. For what is learnt thence is what’s generally retained with most clarity throughout life. As far as is known, and it’s certainly hoped, that the tradition of the term ending school tour still abides. Continue reading “If the jersey doesn’t fit…”