Going to America in search of salvation

No, somewhat regrettably, one is not taking flight. Even if such an opportunity did present itself, a sheep or tillage farm in Australia would be the preferred destination. This despite a yearning to see dear friends who’ve long decamped Stateside. Now read on…
Certain times of year afford particular thoughts enhanced prominence. This might sometimes lead to repetition in spaces such as this, but so be it. During this week – the third instalment of September – each year, recollection is stirred of the observations of a former local publican who professed All Ireland football final Sunday to be the last big day’s trade of what’s, notionally at least, the summer season. Continue reading “Going to America in search of salvation”

The ‘Saw Doctors’ song that never loses relevance

There’s always one, isn’t there? During the summer, #Sportsfile published a time lapse of photos depicting the agony and ecstasy enveloping an Offaly football supporter on the terrace in #Tullamore, during and after his county’s capitulation against #Longford. Again, a similar shot emerged of a lone, disconsolate #Mayo fan mired on Hill 16 following the end of the green and red’s campaign for another year. Continue reading “The ‘Saw Doctors’ song that never loses relevance”

When big names come aboard endeavours gain profile


Declan King recently celebrated his birthday. Many of you will have heard of him, some won’t. He was the sporting voice on several radio stations in times past and latterly has been heavily involved with Christmas station, Radio Snowflake. Where Declan’s dulcet tones would be most recognisable, though, stems from his long association with #Lansdowne Road and into its current incarnation, as stadium announcer. Continue reading “When big names come aboard endeavours gain profile”

Positive steps, but they must be the beginning of a journey


At half time in the 2002 #Meath Minor football final (three days before Christmas) Tommy O’Connor made an impassioned rallying cry to his colleagues in the middle of the pitch in Walterstown: “Lads, we’ve been together since we were 12, but everything has been building towards this day”…  I was honoured and privileged to be a mentor with the particular team, having somewhat belatedly joined up with PJ Conway, Sean Whyte, Kieran Clince and John McGarrell who had been looking after those lads since they came together. And together they had annexed bountiful success, capturing county titles at U-14, U-15 and U-16. Continue reading “Positive steps, but they must be the beginning of a journey”