It’s all opinion – there’s no right and wrong

#JoseMourinho can attest more than most to the fickle nature of those in control of and supporting top level sport. #JurgenKlopp might learn quickly when the honeymoon winds up too. Undoubtedly, the Portuguese certainly hasn’t aided his own cause with a litany of nefarious emanations. Yet, the temptation is to balk at the rapidity with which glorious deliverance can be obliterated from memory. Continue reading “It’s all opinion – there’s no right and wrong”

Worrying talking points outweigh the positive

In recent times, much merited positivity has reverberated regarding Irish sport – thanks to the considerable achievement of Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane in navigating our soccer team to Euro 2016, our golfers continuing to perform admirably around the globe. Consider, too, the fact that Katie Taylor this year had to face Shauna O’Keefe to claim the National title she hitherto annexed without donning a glove alludes to a proliferation of popularity for women’s boxing. Continue reading “Worrying talking points outweigh the positive”