Progress on and off the field

In an era when earmarking GAA competitions for culling has become something of a national pastime, one was recently reminded of two low-key tournaments, the likes of which would be earmarked with bells on for an encounter with the Sword Of Damocles. Now read on… Continue reading “Progress on and off the field”

More questions than answers on many fronts


In their first issue of the new year, the #Irish Independent #farming pullout carried a wonderful piece by Declan O’Brien recounting the cattle markets in #Dublin of bygone days. From my own perspective, it was a particularly poignant offering as my late grandfather Patsy Geoghegan, other extended family members and indeed a sizable proportion of the population of these parts earned their living droving stock to these sales for the Brutons. Continue reading “More questions than answers on many fronts”

Relevance which overrides circumstance


As you get older, naturally the number of significant happenings easily recalled grows. In one sense at least. A year can make an awful difference too. For example, exceptional clarity remains pertaining to Meath’s annexation of the #SamMaguire Cup in 1987. Contrast that with the reality that all that can be remembered of the breakthrough #Leinster success of the previous is the foul nature of the weather. Continue reading “Relevance which overrides circumstance”