Excited optimism tempered by realism


You probably expected this piece to appear here before now. And the truth is it could, and probably should, have. Various reasons necessitated the delay in production, however. It may not necessarily have been a bad thing either. Now read on… Continue reading “Excited optimism tempered by realism”

An unforgettable journey – and that was just for us fans!


Whilst enjoying what has becoming a regrettably rare visit to a favourite hostelry, my company on the occasion mentioned that he’d recently been in the army base on The Curragh. Mention of the hallowed place eternally evokes memories of the late Lt. Gen Dermot Earley. A gentle giant of a man – in every sense – I was proud and honoured to have met on several occasions before his untimely passing. Continue reading “An unforgettable journey – and that was just for us fans!”