Getting what’s been coming to us?

Whatever about a week being a long time in politics, it certainly can be in life itself. And often, there’s no better manifestation of that very fact than in sport.

It’s not all that long ago that yours truly was imbued with hopeful optimism after my own club had made an impressive looking beginning to their Meath SFC campaign. In the piece in question, the hope was expressed that their victory of Dunshaughlin was only the first step on a five pace journey to outright glory.

Now, whether some of our players mistook my heartfelt desire for reality – it would earnestly be hoped not – but, again having been able to view the action in Pairc Tailteann thanks to Meath G.A.A.’s excellent online viewing pass initiative, there could be no argument that Gaeil Colmcille deserved their win and thus progression. In fact, they’ve probably owed it to us for a few years.

So, with our lads out of the running far too early if we are to be judged by the standards which should apply, and the entire competition due to be over quicker than a Michael Van Gerwen 9-dart-finish, where does the Keegan Cup go for its winter holiday? My guess would be nowhere. As in, staying exactly where it got the Christmas dinner last year – in Ratoath!

Brian Farrell’s Ratoath side are on course to retain the Keegan Cup

Brian Farrell’s side are well stocked with county representatives and, while our case starkly demonstrates that proves nothing, the impressive tallies amassed by the blue and gold thus far underscores an inclination that the firepower at their disposal might be sufficient to see them navigate their way past some very stern suitors seeking their crown. In the form of our conquerors from Kells and a Summerhill outfit with surely the least enviable tag to their name having lost three consecutive County Finals.

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