Monsignor Edward (Ted) Dunne D.S.M., R.I.P.

I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken to have just learned of the passing of Monsignor Edward (Ted) Dunne.

To say that Ted Dunne was a friend would be the understatement of this or any century. He wasn’t just a very close to myself and my family, he was that and so much more to Dunboyne for so very long. Ted first worked in Dunboyne in the 1960s/70s before being deployed to the Lebanon where he served as Chaplain to the Defence Forces where he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) before returning to these parts to serve as Parish Priest from 1991 to 2008.

One of the first duties Ted carried on his return to Dunboyne was to officiate at my uncle, Tom Boylan’s funeral in March of 1991. Dad’s other brother Billy and sister Eileen passed very shortly thereafter, he was with us through it all.
He was, however, with us for many happy occasions also and, on a personal level, helped me through some of the most difficult and upsetting times during my lifetime before retirement was put upon him.

Monsignor Ted Dunne (1938-2020)

But then, that was Ted. Ted found a way, to bring people together, to get things done and to leave people and places much the better for his input. In conclusion, an example of just that:
The day after he announced his retirement, I, just like so many in the locality, wanted to visit him to convey my upset at his impending departure and my thanks for all that he had done for me and the locality personally.

When he eventually found what ended up being a very treasured few moments to spend with yours truly, he discovered that entry to the Parochial House was going to be a non runner – yes there’s a ramp but it’s far too steep and the wheelchair would have turned over had an attempt been made at entry. I offered to head for home and have a chat with him on the phone later that evening, but my host wouldn’t hear of it.

His assistant and Dunboyne’s Mr Fix It, Tony Dunne, (No relation) was summoned and so it came to pass that ‘refreshments’ were had in the shed. Leaning on the tractor-mower. Ted found a way. Which was pure Ted. At ease my special friend, may eternal peace be yours.

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