Trump used sport for his own benefit

Roy Keane has had many famous utterances throughout his playing, management and subsequent media career. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” may be the most famous thereof, but, for me, his correct excoriation of the “Prawn Sandwich Brigade”. Those corrosive … Continue reading Trump used sport for his own benefit

The good and not so good eventually comes to an end

Many will be aware that the avid interest in farming here has prospered for as long as the wheels have turned. Long before matters reached levels a few years back that would once have only been dreamt of. Back in the day, such was the familiarity with tractors, one could be heard approaching – and the make and in some cases model thereof identified – long before it came into view.

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Plenty of patents for Day’s patience paying off

On a map pertaining to strategic military positions relating to the #1916 Rising, General Sean #Boylan was highlighted as a figure of considerable importance in this locality. At this point, let it be made abundantly clear that – and this is a cause of considerable regret which will in the near future be rectified – not that much is known about his history with the army, so therefore I wouldn’t attempt to comment thereon. Continue reading “Plenty of patents for Day’s patience paying off”

Momentum delivered in the short and long term

There’s something about seeing a loved one growing older. Mindsets change. More acutely so if ill health is part of the equation. Certain things become susceptible to being shut off. A cupboard is kept locked. Books remain unopened, shelves undisturbed. It’s as if it’s going on but there’s an inability or unwillingness – or both – to see it. Yet the reality of the inevitability in escapable.

At what would rightly be construed as more mundane levels of life, similar feelings often take hold equally. Obviously, no matter what angle they are viewed from, few will be as impactful as the scenarios outlined above, but, for those for whom sport is an intrinsic part of the fabric of life, any dramatic shifting of the sands therein can be immeasurably profound in its aftermath. Continue reading “Momentum delivered in the short and long term”

Measurement of value ought to be in entertainment

That Con Houlihan will forever stand as the greatest influence on my own writing hardly requires further elaboration. Thus, the Waiting For Houlihan documentary broadcast shortly after the king of Castle Island had filed into the press room in the sky and only recently tracked down again now ranks among the most treasured items in the video library. Now read on…

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