Matchsticks and memories

The first time these wheels docked in Brady’s after the initial lockdown a quiet tear was shed. There’s nothing unusual about that now. But what many mightn’t cop or understand would be the reason(s). It’s always the simplest things. Now … Continue reading Matchsticks and memories

Death, taxes and seeds falling in December

Anybody that knows me or has been following my output for long enough will know the indescribably important part Brady’s Pub in Dunboyne has and will forever play in my life. Thus, just when I was rebuilding some semblance of normality into my life after it was destroyed when my mother fell ill nearly six years ago, that’s been blown out of the water by the latest round of, in my view, needlessly excessive restrictions. As has always been the case when dealing with my disability, not feeling like or being able to do something, I can live with, but … Continue reading Death, taxes and seeds falling in December