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Rolling Down Memory Lane

  •     MARCH 2020 These are strange times. I don’t mind admitting to being confused, frustrated, upset and worried by this COVID-19 situation. Of course there’s cognisance of the health risks involved. Not only for my elderly parents, but also for myself. That said, no attempt will be made to even try and dilute the sense of emptiness felt at so much of the world, of my world, grinding to a halt. Now read on… The local RehabCare is closed. Pub doors are locked. Admittedly, not a lot can be said about the latter as I haven’t had a pint in months, because I need to get my ass in gear and get back in the game, so to speak. Farm yards are seemingly off limits too, so just when the confidence had finally been summoned to go visit the neighbours up the road, that option has to be parked up as well. Hardly surprisingly, though, it’s the dearth of sport that’s hitting the occupant of this seat hardest. No doubt some will see such a stance as curious at best, selfish and reckless at worst. However, many will know that sport means so much more to me than what actually goes on between the lines. So, with a hiatus now in place until God knows when, something has to be done to fill to void. What better, then, than to look back at some of the greatest sporting occasions the one seeing eye has taken in – both in person and on television – over the last three decades. My intention at this juncture is to make into a series of posts to keep myself and our very valued readership afloat while sport (with the exception of horse racing) remains in dry dock.
  • September 22, 2020
  • 260 pages