Big breakthrough for Aaron Buggle

If you believe in someone or something, repeatedly stating the case is no harm. No matter how boring or unpopular it might seem. And yes, there is a certain kick to going against the grain! Now read on…
A while ago on these pages, it was opined that being sceptical and scathing about Cycling was as ‘in’ as the latest technical gizmo. Not without reason either. While there always seems to be an air of suspicion around things like the Olympics, surely affairs of the bike have been exposed as some of the most sordid in sport anywhere.
Let it be said again though – tarring the entire cycling community with the same brush is absurd and unfair. One need only look to the likes of Inspiration Cycling Club in Dunboyne to see the good in the sport. No doubt it will bore some to hear of this again, but it’s being done for good reason, so pedal along here!

Dunboyne Cyclist Aaron Buggle

As well as making an impact in terms of achieving results in competitive action, the club also makes some great contributions to charitable causes. It is a cause of great personal regret that I was unable to attend their recent dinner dance where Nicholas Roche presented the awards to members amidst a huge assembled crowd.
Among those honoured was Maurice ‘Mo’ King. The work he has done to raise funds to help seriously ill children and their families is incalculable. His most daunting venture thus far undoubtedly being the Camino Di Santiago across France and Spain with an English based friend during the summer.  One of the other highlights on the night was the presentation of the prize for Cyclist of the Year which commemorates ‘Mo’s late brother in law, Paul Healion.
After the dinner dance night though, Maurice and his family had even more reason to celebrate when his nephew, Aaron Buggle, secured a big breakthrough in his career when getting a contract with the British based Rapha Condor team. The deal is for one year and represents another step in a burgeoning career. And a change of luck for the Dunboyne native.
It has been said before that tradition has to count for something. Having taken up the sport after being inspired by his late uncle Paul (Healion) his talent quickly became obvious but the road has been a difficult one for the 22-year-old having spent several long periods on the sidelines due to injury.
This contract is a massive endorsement for Buggle though and is sure to present great opportunities. He is understandably delighted but also mightily relieved. ‘I’m absolutely chuffed. I’ve been down in this sport for so long that I began to wonder where it was taking me’ Buggle commented after the new arrangement was announced.
Had this opportunity not come up, the young rider was faced with the prospect of heading back to France. Something he wasn’t at all enamoured by. ‘I would have that very tough’, he admitted.
Now the road ahead looks decidedly more promising. Given the knocks he has taken in the sport, however, Aaron was coy about saying too about his new venture until everything was signed, sealed and delivered.
‘I first heard about it a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to say anything for fear it didn’t actually come true but now I’ve signed the contract and am over the moon’.
So he should be. He has come a long way in a very demanding, gruelling sport. Travelling the hard road in the process. The vibes emanating from Rapha Condor at that they are keen to develop young riders. In Aaron Buggle they have acquired someone with undoubted potential. And the determination and tenacity to bring it to fruition. He can undoubtedly take the team and, more importantly, himself to the very top in the sport. All of Dunboyne, Meath and Ireland should be very proud of him.

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