We know our onions…

Since last you saw me with trowel in hand, what has been the main objective since vegetable growing became part lifeline, part dream, part obsession has been realised. That being the sowing of a few spuds. As was mentioned here in my initial foray into the drills, due to circumstances, things will have to be done whatever way is doable.

Which in this case has meant my small amount of main crop Roosters – kindly supplied by Dermot Hillard of Mornington – were sown in a large clay tub rather than the usual drills and ridges and the like. On that occasion, last Monday, what was understood to be the last lot of seed from the first delivery – some garden peas – were put down.

Except it wasn’t the last of the first lot because the very generous Mr Hillard, whom I haven’t even met yet, sent up quite a large bag of onion bulbs with herself. While they were being started off, a few herbs also began their journey to the dinner table. The Christmas stuffing might really be home made this year!

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