It’s been a busy few days between the website itself, various social media platforms and, with agreeable climatic conditions, plenty more veg crops being sown. On the latter point, mind you, the journey has moved onto its next stage, when today we transplanted some of what was sown in the first round of planting nearly a month ago.

As well as the transplanting work, yesterday also saw some turnips and parsnips join the burgeoning list of what will hopefully be available to be savored at the back end of the year.

However, there is also a realisation that with any sort of farming or crop growing it’s not going to be all a bed of roses. Thus, mention must be given to the first mini disaster to strike the operation! Namely, a good gust of wind which took out the herb box. I’m beginning to have doubts about the crop of peppers as well. Mind you, in their case, they’ve been moved to a better spot in the office window to see, might an extra infusion of sunlight help them along.

Taking it one day at a time with the Gloria sprayer

Of the last consignment of seed purchased, spinach and cabbage have still to be sown while, in the next video, you might get a peep at what was once a calf shed (I won’t go into all that, yet!) being turned into an escape hatch cum workshop for me.

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