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In a very strange way, there was a buzz of excitement here in the office today watching the results filter in from around the grounds today as the Allianz National Football League continued in resumption mode. Naturally, the grounds looked eerily strange devoid of spectators – though as one media colleague pointed out, a lot of the venues did seem to have a lot of ‘Stewards’. Make up your own minds!

The upshot of weekend events would appear to be that in Div. 1 it boils down to what basically amount to two semi finals, with the winners of Dublin-Galway most likely to face off against whoever emerges from the clash of Kerry and Donegal in Tralee. That is, if this corner’s maths are any way right. And I wouldn’t put the mortgage money on that!

At the other end of affairs, with Meath already demoted, the only impact they can possibly have would be to bring Monaghan down with them, which they may well do given the encouraging nature of the efforts of Andy McEntee’s team against Dublin on Saturday evening. As for Div. 2 itself, Armagh and Westmeath both face opposition with nothing to play for (Clare and Kildare respectively) while pacemakers Roscommon are in a similar boat taking on Cavan.

Kieran McGeeney seems to have worked the promotion oracle with Armagh once more

At the other end of the second tier, Fermanagh have already fallen through the trap door and it would appear that, were they to defeat Laois next Sunday, they could consign the midlanders to a similar fate. On the other hand, were Laois to triumph, it would look likely to spell trouble for Clare. Colm Collins’s side would appear unlikely to defeat an Armagh outfit who looked quite impressive against Roscommon even though Anthony Cunningham’s charges eventually won the day due to their ability to fill the onion bag.

Cork would have been one of the counties most keen for the inter-county fare the resume as they had built up an unassailable lead regarding the promtion chase from Div. 3. They will surely seal the deal by defeating Longford in Round 7 while Down appear to hold all the aces when it comes to joining them as they face a severely struggling Louth.

Cork manager Ronan McCarthy tackles Meath selector Donal Curtis in the 1999 All Ireland SFC Final

The Wee County are already headed back to Div. 4 and courageous Leitrim were surely consigned to a similar fate when they were left with no option but to concede a walkover as they were unable to field a team against Down – presumably due to Covid-19 related circumstances. If such is the case it is a damning indictment of the GAA hierarchy who are basically punishing a team for not fulfilling a fixture in a competition which shouldn’t be going ahead.

Finally, things are already cut and dry in Div. 4 as Paul Galvin’s maiden sojourn into inter-county management has thus far been a success as his Wexford troops have qualified for the final thereof where they will find an equally resurgent Wicklow.

Wexford manager Paul Galvin looking typically unique

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