Geraghty has “Long Road” ahead as journey of recovery continues

Amanda Geraghty issued a positive update regarding her husband Graham’s ongoing recovery from major surgery two weeks ago. The former Meath captain and selector was rushed to hospital on October 28th gravely ill and underwent emergency surgery at a Dublin hospital.

In the aftermath of the procedure, Mrs Geraghty said the two-time All Star was “Just away from the face of the cliff but not out of the woods by a long shot”, but, in the days that have followed, the prognosis has been more upbeat and, in a movingly fitting development, Amanda said Graham’s first words after the operation were “Are Meath playing today?”.

Amanda and Graham Geraghty

Of course, the Royal County did begin their Championship campaign with a facile victory over Wicklow on Sunday last, and, hopefully news of our former skipper’s continued recuperation will inspire those in and green and gold next Sunday and beyond as he has done so often over the years. One thing is certain, there’s one old maxim equally applicable to both the county team and its former spiritual leader as he continues along what his wife described as a “Long road” to recovery – keep tapping over the points and the goal will come.

Ronan Jones put in a fine performance in Aughrim

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