Power of social media shines bright as Milennium Man gets medal back

Some terrific news emerged this evening as it became known that Meath’s most decorated footballer Martin O’Connell had been reunited with his missing All Ireland medal.

The symbol of victory, from the 1987 triumph over Cork – which bridged the 20 year gap from the county’s last prior win, was stolen from the O’Connell family home near Kells on November 17th.

The great Martin O’Connell

News of the theft gained great traction in terms of publicity – including via this website – and, upon recovering the item following a search operation in Dublin, Gardai admitted that “Publicity around the case led directly to the recovery of the medal”.

Social media attracts much flak, sometimes a large portion of it merited. However, this instance certainly shows the power of the medium shine through in a great light for one of the good guys.

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