More sequels than Star Trek!

In the previous offering on this site, mention was afforded to that wonderful trilogy of motion pictures revolving around Doc and Marty McFly – Back To The Future. This time around, I’ll have to send for either 007 or Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek.

However, it’s quite possible that, in relation to what you are about to read hereafter, none of them would suffice. Purely because it now appears the subject of today’s offering is shaping like having more sequels than any of the major franchises listed thus far. Now read on…

You’d think after almost two decades in this business nothing could surprise a soul. But then, as Forrest Gump did point out, you never do know what you’re going to get in life.

When you think you have a given situation deciphered, life throws you a curve ball which leaves you questioning what you thought you knew…

Sean Boylan

Sean Boylan turns 77 tomorrow. It’s almost 16 years since he stepped down as Meath manager. Since then, he has managed or assisted with the St Peter’s, Dunboyne hurlers, the Meath U-20 hurlers and the DCU team in the Sigerson Cup, and was no doubt courted by various would-be suitors. He has, however, had fairly well publicised health difficulties in more recent times. And, being privileged as I am to be close to Sean and his family than most, even locally it was felt that his days of patrolling sidelines had drawn to a close.

But then, one need only remember him telling Bernard Flynn that he “Felt like a young fella again being out there again” when he part of Vinny Guy’s management team with the Meath U-20 hurlers. However, it’s doubtful anybody could have foreseen the coup just landed by DOWN U-20 manager Conor Laverty in securing the services of my four time All Ireland winning neighbour as part of his management team. Where the legendary herbalist will be joined by the Mourne County’s former star forward Marty Clarke and Declan Morgan.

Marty Clarke’s career was cruelly ended by illness

The men who don black and red can be considered to be one of the sleeping giants of the game, and having men of the calibre of those involved in this instance will surely give things in that part of the world a bit of impetus. If there is a downside to it, mind you, one has to wonder has a trick been missed very close to home.

Almost unthinkably, if such is the case, it would be in a year such a clanger has been dropped. As far as this writer is aware, at the time of typing, there is no official word as to the arrangements for the Meath U-20 team with the commencement of their campaign for 2020 presumably only weeks away.

Sean was appointed Director Of Football in Meath a few years ago and, in view of the fact that there has been no announcement to the effect that he has/had vacated the role, the question arises as to what, if any, role he has or had in the appointment of county team managers. Not to menton why, if he was willing to take on a role with a team outside of the county, was he not offered a similar role within the county?

Or, if he was offered a role and declined to take said offer, what does that say about how things currently stand? This website understands that outgoing county U-20 boss Ger Robinson was willing to remain in the role if requested to do so. The silence, however, from the higher echelons within the county has been worrying to say the least.

Meath U-20 Manager 2020 – Ger Robinson

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