Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout

You’re very welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a regular quiz series for the foreseeable future. For this initial outing, it will be entirely sports based but as we go on the intention would be to include a variety of topics

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Robert DiPierdomenico was a star in what sport?

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'A man who will misuse an apostrophe is capable of anything' is a quote from what sports writer?

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Who am I?

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'Better Than Sex' was the autobiography of what Irish sports star?

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Which famous sports personality starred in Space Jam?

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Complete the sequence: Down, Donegal ...  Down...

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TJ Kerins represented Ireland in what sporting discipline?

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Roker Park was the former home of what football club?

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'The Mighty Ducks', released in 1992, was based on what sport?

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This event started in a tavern but then graduated to palace, what is it?

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What was Sean O'Brien's occupation before becoming a professional rugby player?

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Former Irish Grand National winner Flashing Steel had a famous owner, who was it?

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Michael Carruth won his Olympic Gold medal of 1992 in what city?

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Which English footballer famously never received a yellow card?


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There's no shortage of water in my locality, I don't mind making a splash on heavy ground and my husband keeps the Country up to date with it all, who am I?

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