Voice of Motorsport Murray Walker passes away aged 97

Yours truly was asked several times over the years was there any sport which wouldn’t be viewed from this seat. The answer to said query has always been Baseball. And that, being honest is only down to not understanding the discipline in question.

There are others which fall into the bracket of knowledge exists thereon but there wouldn’t exactly be buckets of tears at missing out on them. Formula One would absolutely align with the latter category. That said, I think most of us had model race cars as kids with which we imagined ourselves as Nigel Mansell or Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost.

Nigel Mansell

Personally speaking at least, and it’s probable many people fell into a similar slot, the stars of the frenetically paced action were only so familiar due to the familiar, unique tones of Murray Walker. He who was the voice of Motorsport passed to the commentary box in the sky yesterday in his 98th year.

Formula One is what this corner would describe as a niche sport. One which, though the likes of yours truly would have an observational grasp on, but there are those who would qualify as hardcore aficionados of life in the fast lane. In two particular cases because those concerned live adjacent to Silverstone and the circuit in Barcelona respectively.

Murray Walker (1923-2021)

Now, those in charge of F1 have never been short of nous in the marketing department, so you can be sure they had a hand in the fact that, wherever the sport’s coverage went, the revered caller tended to follow.

To say an era has ended in the sport would be like saying the cars drive rather quickly around the track. At least now, if Senna and Moss and Lauda want to have a race above now, they’ll have the right man to broadcast it.

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