Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 7

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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 7

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When Clare won the 1997 Munster SHC Final, who was the sub who scored the crucial goal?

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'Legacy' is a book relating to what sports  team? 

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Sofia Ochigava was the main rival of what Irish Olympic hero?

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Ronnie Delany was Ireland's first Olympic Gold medalist, in what city was his crowning glory?

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My dad played before me and had a nickname short for another country, who am I?


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Peter Whitnell, who won an All Ireland SFC medal in 1991, played  League Of  Ireland soccer with what club?

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When Manchester United beat Chelsea in the Champions League Final, who was in charge of the blues?

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Wayne Gretzki is a leading personality in what sport?

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After sitting round the kitchen table with my mother, eating homemade bread and jam, (player) said to me "Will you do something for me, will you put your shyness in your arse pocket and leave it there?" is a quote from what GAA legend?

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Arkle, regarded as the greatest National Hunt horse of all time, was named after what?

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What Italian club did Diego Maradonna inspire to glory during his playing career?

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Who are the current and defending NBA Champions?

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As well as CJ Stander, what Munster stalwart recently played his final game for the province before retirement?

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The result was generally the same no matter what stage of the competition they met at, but, what old foe did Stephen Hendry recently defeat in World Snooker Championship qualifying?

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Which one of the following is NOT associated with Augusta National Golf  Club?

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After a couple of specialised quizzes in recent weeks, plenty of variety this week. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun doing it as I did constructing it. Please share far and wide!

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