Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 8


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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 8

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Whose was the above wonderful utterance?

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When Clare defeated Tipperary in the 1997 All Ireland SHC Final, who hit the winning point?

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Tattenham Corner is at what UK sporting venue?

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Spiking is a term relating to what sport?

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An Australian Rules game lasts how long?

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In the episode of The Simpsons where the family visited London, what player was Homer complaining about getting a yellow card?

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'March Madness' is a term coined for what sport in the US?

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Three-time Major winner Padraig Harrington is associated with golf club

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I won All Irelands in the red and the blue before warming up in the Green Room, who am I?

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What singing star's daughter has competed in showjumping at the RDS?

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This element of Modern Pentathlon wouldn't be lost on a farm

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In what sport do England and Australia often meet on a Christmas day?

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Hurling legend DJ Carey had a decorated career in what other sport

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Who was the French full back who spent more than a decade with several League Of Ireland clubs?

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The Queen's horse, Devon Loch, infamously sat down with the Aintree Grand National at his mercy in 1956, who rode the Royal runner?

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A real mixed bag this week, with plenty of topical subjects relating to what’s been going in the sporting world of late.

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