Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 10

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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 10

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Former Sky Sports presenter and Munster rugby player Brian Carney also had a successful career in what other sport?

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Racehorse Risk Of Thunder was once owned by what famous actor?

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Boccia is an adaptation of what sport for disabled competitors?

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A regulation basketball game lasts how long?

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Seve Ballesteros hit one of the most famous shots in golfing history from where?

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SW19 is the postcode for what famous sporting venue?

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My exploits in Brazil gave their name to a racing syndicate and my sons are fairly good at their job too, who am I? 

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Boomerang was the horse most associated with what Irish showjumping great?

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Former Galway and Wexford hurling manager Cyril Farrell once coached what Meath club football team?

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I provided famous commentary on a long-running sports quiz, once compiled a video of ghoulish football clips, liked to go to Stoke City games but often ended up in Stoke Poges, who am I?

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With which All Ireland League Club did Shane Horgan begin his rugby career?

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English cricketer who sealed their World Cup victory

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Epsom Derby winner bred on the outskirts of Dunboyne Co Meath

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This former GAA President once burst into song on the steps of the Hogan Stand...

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When Everton defeated Manchester United in the FA Cup Final of 1995, who was in charge of The Toffees?

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