Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 11

A mixed bag of sporting head scratchers this week…

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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 11

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DJ Carey, one of the greatest hurlers of all time, was a GAA dual star owing to his exploits in the Handball alley, what other former inter county star reached great heights  belting the small ball off the walls?

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Jose Mourinho was announced as the incoming coach of AS Roma, by what other Serie A club was he formerly employed?

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With which Australian player was La Rochelle coach and former Munster and Ireland fly half Ronan O'Gara caught up in a disgraceful incident?

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Which RTE presenter was coaxed out of retirement from GAA during last summer?

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Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney are the current owners of Wrexham FC. What sitcom did the latter create and star in?

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Druids Glen Golf Club is in what county?

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What insurance company sponsored the National Leagues in GAA immediately before Allianz?

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Former NBA star Michael Jordan currently owns what team in the league?

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Kris Radlinski was an England international and leading player in what sport?

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The clash of Grundy and Bustino in 1975 - regarded as the Race Of The Century - took place at which course?

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Fallon Sherrock defeated what leading contender in recording her second win at the PDC World Darts Championship?

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The O'Duffy Cup is played for in what sport?

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I started out with my local paper, was good at doing the books before my job with the FAI killed the radio star, who am I? 

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The late Jim Stynes won the top honour Australian Rules Football bestows, what is the accolade called?

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"If I wasn't up for challenges I'd be out walking my dogs but I think my dogs need a rest" was the explanation of what sports manager upon taking up a new role?

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