Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 12

A delightful dozen weeks have elapsed since our quiz series began. This week, there is a strong flavour of GAA off proceedings but a nice bit of variety too. On yer bike!

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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 12

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Cork defender James Loughrey this week announced his retirement from inter-county fare, who did he begin his career with

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Against whom did Eric Cantona make his comeback from the lengthy suspension imposed following Seagull-Trawler-gate 

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In what position did John Treacy finish in the 1984 Olympic Marathon

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When Aston Villa defeated Manchester  United in the League Cup Final  in the early 1990s, which United player was sent off

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I was roaming the fields in '62 but found an appropriate home between a few bits of wood five years later  for a meeting with a man called Sam, who am I

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When the late Alan McLoughlin equalised to see the Republic Of Ireland through to the 1994 World Cup, who had put Northern Ireland in front?

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Former Melbourne Cup winner Vintage Crop was owned by whom?

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I never managed anybody but I've managed to stay alive for 63 and a half years. baby! Was the typically colourful response from what media figure when his credentials were questioned 

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In American Football, the Jacksonville Jaguars recently signed what former star  to play a completely new position?

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The late Jerry Kiernan was coach to what top Irish Athlete?

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Cheltenham Festival winning owner and trainer John Turner and Paul Hennessey are more closely associated with what sport

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When their own home ground was being re-developed, what League Of Ireland club based themselves in Harolds Cross

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Irish cyclist Sam Bennett was born in which country?

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Which of these Darts stars is known as the Flying Scotsman 

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Former Kilkenny colossus Pat O'Neill hurled with what club?

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