Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 13

Though it might be hard to believe, we’ve arrived at the 13th incarnation of our weekly Fitness Testing, hopefully it will be a lucky one for those of you who give it a go.

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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 13

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Which former Tipperary hurler briefly played for and managed Monaghan?

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Against whom did Roy Keane play in his first FA Cup Final?

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Dooradoyle is the home of what All Ireland League rugby club?

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HRH Sheikh Mohammad's racing silks are what colours?

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'Seven Deadly Sins' is a book about what sportsperson

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Against whatΒ Sunday TimesΒ writer did Eamon once famously launch a tirade?

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Paddy dashed back like a woman who smelt her cake burning in the ovenΒ was Con Houlihan's iconic description of a Kerry goal against Dublin, in what year?

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What county beat Cork in an All Ireland Hurling Final but never lost to Cork in one?

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For what food was former Irish cyclist Stephen Roche once the face of an advertising campaign?

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Which member of Cork's All Ireland SFC winning team of 1989 and 1990 also played League Of Ireland soccer?

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Which of these three Welsh footballers have scored the most goals in the Premiership?

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Outside of a round of the Premier League in the 3Arena, at what other Irish venue is a major event during the darts season played?

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Welsh fly half whose late penalty miss ensured Ireland won the Grand Slam for the first time since 1949

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This Tom Sellick lookalike took the award for Best Supporting Actor for Wexford during the 1997 season, can you name him?

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Walsh Park is the main county ground in Waterford, but what is the other ground where the Deise fixtures are often played?

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