Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout – No. 14

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Boylan Talks Sport Weekly Brain Workout - No. 14

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When Ireland defeated England in the Cricket World Cup, who hit a century for the victors?

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Irish player who scored twice in a Manchester derby but still ended up on the losing side 

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I was in Times Square in New York the other day and I went into a little corner shop and asked by any chance did they sell 'The Kerryman', the young Egyptian behind he counter asked did I want the North or South county edition, so I bought both. And (Player) is back on his feet. Who was down getting treatment while Micheal O'Muirceartaigh was killing time

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Stephen Curry is one half of a duo known as the 'Splash Brothers' in the NBA, who is his sidekick

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Phil Mickelson's caddy Jim McKay is more commonly known as what?

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I'm a former Irish international player and am now a referee of ascending standing, who am I?

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Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion of 2001

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The home ground of the now defunct Monaghan United FC

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The 'Mighty Ducks' trilogy of films centres on what sport?

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In the Winter Olympics bobsleigh classic film, who plays the coach of the Jamaican team

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Name the Irish international on the beaten Swansea City team defeated by Brentford in the Championship Play-Off Final

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Former Irish soccer Physio Mick Byrne worked with what All Ireland SFC winning team?

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June 2nd marks the 30th anniversary of the first of four epic encounters between Meath and Dublin. The game ended 1-12 apiece, but who scored the Meath goal

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'Droopys' is often seen as part of the name of what sporting animal?

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