Boylan Talks Sport – Weekly Brain Workout – No. 18

A nice variety in this week’s edition, including a couple that are sure to require the thinking caps!

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Boylan Talks Sport - Weekly Brain Workout - No. 18

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Which of the following were NOT retained riders for Coolmore/Ballydoyle

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Irish golfer Shane Lowry is associated with which club?

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Christian Horner, husband of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is Principal of which Formula One team?

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Cricketer Andrew Flintoff and footballer Jamie Redknapp are long standing captains on A League Of Their Own but which of these pugilists appears most often as a guest

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The Chicago Cubs claimed their first outright title in their sport since 1908 in 2016, but in what sport do they compete

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Name the Limerick hurler who hit several scores in the early stages of the 1996 All Ireland Final, but none once Larry O'Gorman switched onto him

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I've taken on a leading role for my county, as many from my famed club have before me, but few would envy my dad's job, who am I

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For What club did Ronald Koeman score a goal in a Champions League Final

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Which player achieved the Golden Slam in Tennis in 1988

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Which of Ronan O'Gara's former teammates recently announced he will be joining him as part of his coaching staff at La Rochelle

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Joseph O'Brien trains out of Carraiganog, the former yard of  his grandfather Joe Crowley, but, who was once based where Donnacha is based?

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Former Dutch goalkeeper Hans Van Breukelen once played for what English club?

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Which Dutch winger played with Nottingham Forrest for a brief period in the mid 1990's

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Tight Lines is a television programme on Sky Sports covering what activity

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During the television programme The Toughest Trade what sport did Mayo's Aidan O'Shea take up

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