Airfield Estate And Farm

And now for something completely different. Myself and herself had time to kill last week and while yours truly would’ve been far more enamored, initially at least, with the prospect of going harvest spotting, once the word ‘Farm’ was mentioned in the description of the intended venue she had me won over.

This, however, was a farm with a difference, mind you. In the plush and suave surroundings of Dundrum, Dublin 4. Airfield Farm and Estate, that is. Now, aside from the obvious attraction and quite a degree of curiosity as to the mechanics of a working farm in an unusual location for such a thing, one was also intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the amount and layout of the facilities to cater for disabled patrons.

Not only were all the attractions – the hen houses, sheep paddocks and milking parlour, to name but three – all easily accessible and viewable from the wheelchair, all of the numerous meandering walking trails likewise.

Looking at the egg production has planted a seed in this here head
Sadly the closest I’ve got to a bovine in far too long

If you’ve explored the 38 acre site in its entirety, there is a lovely cafe, which, weather dependent, has both indoor and outdoor dining facilities.

Then, as you round off your day, when you’ve taken in the vintage machinery exhibit (My absolute favourite, shock!) why not bring home a memento with a a difference – a can of freshly produced, pasturised milk from the resident herd.

A farm with a difference, a real hidden gem.

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  1. Nice to read this. I’m ambulatory at the moment myself (fingers crossed) though of limited mobility due to MS. I live very close to Airfield myself, and have done for many years. Glad to learn how accessible it is. (By the way, it’s Dublin 14 rather than 4 – trivial perhaps, but I’ve got to represent the ‘hood!)

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