Boylan Talks Sport Brain Workout – No. 23

All about All Ireland Finals this week.

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Boylan Talks Sport Brain Workout - No. 23

All about All Ireland Finals this week

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Name the member of Meath's All Ireland winning Minor football panel who had a relative a mentor at the time of their previous success in 1992

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Name the Dublin half back who kicked a crucial score in the 2011 All Ireland Final but had to retire shortly thereafter 

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When was the last time Sam Maguire was lifted by a forward 

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Donegal All Ireland winning goalkeeper Gary Walsh was playing his club football outside of Donegal in 1992, name the club and county

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Against which player did Davy Fitzgerald make a remarkable save in the closing stages of the 1997 All Ireland SHC Final  

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Five of Derry's six starting forwards in the 1993 All Ireland SFC Final were left footed, who was the odd one out 

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Mayo's midfield partnership in at least two All Ireland Finals ( including draw and replay) were from the same club, but which one 

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Skryne GFC in Co Meath were once managed by what All Ireland hurling winning supremo

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Former Tyrone great Kevin McCabe once played with what Meath club

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The late Eugene McGee managed Offaly to a sensational All Ireland SFC win in 1982, but what provincial newspaper did once own

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Who was "Danny The Yank", as Micheal O'Muirceartaigh titled him, he won an All Ireland medal with Cork 

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What was a particularly unusual characteristic about adult Camogie matches until inside the last quarter century?

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Which of the following in the Tyrone camp is a vet?

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From what club does Mayo manager James Horan hail?

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Which member of Meath's 1994 All Ireland JFC winning ladies team both worked for Sean Boylan and was a masseuse to the Meath men's senior team?

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Meath star Emma Duggan's dad Liam won seven SFC medals at club level during his playing career, the last with St Peter's Dunboyne, but in whose colours did he garner the first half dozen

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