Newsflash – Boylan Talks Podcasts

I’m sure some or many of you must be a little bit curious about the increase in output in the Podcast category over the last while. Not only that but further as to why yours truly isn’t actually doing the yapping myself. Operating the automated Voice Over facility offered with the Anchor App from Spotify. So please allow me to explain.

First off, the return to or increase in podcast activity – whichever way you wish to title it – has come about as a result of audience inquiries. From one angle, via a demographic who may not be in a position to get access to our website but can utilise either Spotify itself or the Anchor App from the same company.

The other avenue through which expressions of interest have come regarding the podcast has been from folks – and they appear to be numerous – who prefer listening to podcasts while walking, running or driving, rather than the radio. As for using the Anchor voiceovers, the explanation is simple – at present we are not in possession of recording equipment good enough to put out audio content to the world!

Fear not, the said technological upgrades – as well as extra camera equipment – are in the Amazon basket under starters orders, so please stay tuned!

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