Boylan Talks Sport Brain Workout – No. 24

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Boylan Talks Sport Brain Workout - No. 24

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If Kilkenny ever won a football All Ireland, this steed would surely be popular

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What is the unique characteristic of the World Grand Prix in Darts?

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Who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League 

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Wonder mare Quevega was owned by what syndicate?

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In the game against Quatar, Callum Robinson became the first Irish player other than Robbie Keane to score a hat-trick since?

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What former Meath player - who played with two different clubs - recently took up a role as Meath U-20 football selector

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Three time British Flat Champion Jockey Oisin Murphy is a nephew of what racing figure?

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Rory Best was this morning announced as the incoming coach of the Fijian national team, but what other international rugby side was he at least linked to?

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Ireland midfielder Jamie McGrath's career is really on the up, but at what club is the Meath lad currently playing on loan?

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Name the former inter county hurler who recently hit 3-15 in a club game?

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The late Jimmy Greaves used to write a column in what soccer magazine?

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At what Premiership football ground was the Grand Final in Rugby League recently played?

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Paul O'Connell once gave an extraordinarily fast answer on A Question Of Sport but what German club was the answer to the question 

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Knockmore recently ended an astounding run of consecutive county titles for Carnacon LGFC, how many on the trot had the club of the great Cora Staunton reigned supreme?

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(Player) is on the 45 metre line and lets go with the right boot and it's over the bar. This man shouldn't be playing football, he's made a Lazarus-like recovery from a heart condition. Lazarus was a great man too, but he couldn't kick points like (Player) - about whom was Micheal O'Muirceartaigh waxing lyrical?

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