Boring holes in your lip as the drama unfolds

It’s unlikely any incident in GAA history has been replayed as much or been the subject of as much debate and rancor as the bit of set dancing early on in the All Ireland SFC Final involving Meath and Mayo. Now read on…

Reams of bovine dung were written and broadcast about the bit of jostling in the aftermath thereof. Much of which was predicated on the inference that our lads had been the instigators of the bit of extra curricular activity. Complete slurry of course. Throw enough dung mind you and some of it will surely stick.

The idiots stewarding the gala luncheon the next day obviously consumed their fill of the dross because they claimed not to recognise, of all people, Sean Boylan and Tommy Dowd. If you believe that, you’d also reckon Ole Gunnar Solksjaer will get a lifetime contract at Old Trafford.

In the above case, the barracking from the media was wholly unwarranted. Video evidence would conclusively prove that two players from the other side threw the diesel on the fire. However, in another sporting arena, the competitor who attracts almost widespread oprobrium brings it all on themselves.

That Gerwyn Price is currently the best darts player on the planet is not in dispute. That said, the curios crossover which revolves around the tempestuous Welsh man leaves a sour taste in the mouth. The brash arrogance and, in ‘Gezzy’s case, ignorance, is an essenitial part of rugby’s machismo, but couldn’t be further from the aura around affairs on the oche.

Indeed, it is that very fact which leads to calls questioning whether tungsten throwing should be classified as a sport at all or not. No guesses as to where yours truly sits on the matter. Price’s behaviour does nothing to quell the naysayers though.

Price: The boorish best

Like it or lump it, mind you, one can only not so much bite one’s lip as bore holes therein as the action unfolded in Wolverhampton. Because, disgusting and annoying as the boorish muscle man may be, he remains considerably clear of his contemporaries.

Having said that, by no means is it a guarantee that he will take the title for the third time in four years. The sporting romantic would of course love to see Fallon Sherrock continue her amazing ascent in the sport. A genuine and distinct possibility.

However, next time out she faces the redoubtable Peter Wright. Like all battle hardened, decorated warriors, the Scot has, lately at least, been digging out results though not playing anywhere near his best. ‘Snakebite’ will have to be at his fiercest to navigate a way past she who continues to smash glass ceilings throughout not only her own sport but sport in general for women.

The phenomenon of one participant having something of a hoodoo of another is nothing new in sport. On the darts scene at present, Sherrock most definitely has the upper hand on Mensur Suljovic. Granted, her defeat of Ted Evetts was the real breakthrough success but, with respect, taking out the affable Austrian – who at that stage was ranked considerably higher than is currently the case – which really announced her on the darting and wider sporting stage.

Fallon Sherrock

Though the following might seem unlikely given the individual involved here, it would appear the 27-year-old has got something of a hex over the former publican. Because it’s not so much that she defeated him last night in Wolverhampton as blew him out of the water. Currently, there does not appear to be one facet of her game not on point. In contrast, Suljovic’s game appeared to once again fall to pieces when confronted by the Queen Of The Palace.

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