Too many cooks may contaminate the dish

There are very few things that grind my gears about the sporting world, but the omerta which surrounds GAA teams is certainly this corner’s Kryptonite. Especially when laid against a backdrop of Stone Age mentality within the Association clinging to amateurism like The Bull McCabe to his field.

In contrast, whether it’s down to the media or sources within the clubs, in soccer, bladder control seems to be a major issue. If you recall, Louis Van Gaal slamming the FA Cup on the table minutes after the Dutchman had guided its return to Old Trafford. Whilst at the same time being fully aware that he was, as the chant goes “Getting sacked in the morning”, which he duly was. Hideously in the view of yours truly.

So came and went Jose Mourinho and now Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. But, no sooner had Michael Carrick warmed his backside in the dugout when – true to the chaos ruling the roost at Old Trafford at present – manouvres were instigated towards replacing him. That wouldn’t be tanotheroo bad in itself, were it not for the fact that the intention is to, get this, replace the interim manager with ANOTHER temporary fixer until they can pin down the boss they really want – Mauricio Pochettino.

Ralf Rangnick will only be a stop gap

It’s hard to know which is the bigger insult – to the man who has just taken over the caretaking role or whoever it ends up taking the ‘other’ deputising role in this, the latest chapter of the ongoing farce. Would I give it to Carrick full time? Absolutely not. Given the money which circulates in football nowadays, surely they could go and get the current PSG coach now rather than give the circus an extension of it unsightly run.

From another angle though, you cannot but feel for the players in all the posturing and postulating. Right, so to perhaps a quite large extent the players were the authors of their own upheaval with a nauseating cacophony of malfunction and underperformance. However, if there’s too much of a revolving door farce brought into play it could very easily become a case of too many cooks contaminating the soup and consequently the players not knowing their backsides from their elbow.

As this is being written, it appears that the former RB Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnack – nope, never heard of him either – will be the ‘full time’ stop gap. Presuming the Brains Trust – scatter headed and all as they are – remain confident of bringing the affable Argentine back to England come summer.

Regardless of who is in the dugout, what their brief is or the obscene amount of money already splurged on player recruitment, the team still needs extensive surgery. In the same areas that several botch jobs have already been attempted.

Harry Maguire is not only not fit to be Manchester United captain, he’s not even worth his place on the team at present. If it were down to me, presuming Varane is out for another while, I’d try Alex Telles at centre half and leave Luke Shaw at left back. One thing that is certain, whoever ends up in the dugout and for how long, they’ll have their work cut out.

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