If you’re not happy winning by the rules it says a lot

“Trust it, move it, prove it groove it, show how good you are”. So sang his wife in a former life. Yet you suspect if Christian Horner was told his was the only team in an F1 race he’d still find fault with the arrangements.

Remember, this is a man who badgered former Race Director Michael Massi to, basically, bend the rules at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of 2021. To the extent that – for whatever reason – once the latter did Horner’s bidding, it cost him his job.

By no means am I the Salmon Of Knowledge when it comes to the fast paved action, but, if my reading thereof is correct, once the Safety Car has been deployed, no overtaking is permitted. Regardless of what stage of the race it happens to be at.

Though somehow Horner managed to ‘manufacture’ one flying lap for Max Verstappen to overtake Lewis Hamilton on the track and in title race. Thus ensuring a chaotic, unsatisfactory eyesore of a conclusion to what had been an enthralling contest between two supremely talented sportspeople throughout the season.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff

Now, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff went absolutely apoplectic at the way things concluded. Thereafter, he and his crew considered objecting, all manner of inquiries were held and wild and whirling promises blurted. But it was all a bit like closing the stable door when the horse had long bolted.

And evidently, nobody has learned a scintilla from the farce of last year. Fast forward to Monza and the weekend just gone. This time, the luckless and wholly underrated Daniel Riccardo came a cropper in the closing stages.

It was yet another bitter blow for the former Red Bull driver who has, quite frankly, been treated like sh** by his soon to be former employers McLaren. Why? Because the daddy of his fellow driver at the firm, Lando Norris, is one of if not actually the team’s biggest benefactor. Even though his son wouldn’t drive his way out of a paper bag.

Riccardo: Terrible treatment

As race Marshals were unable to get the affable Australian’s malfunctioning machine off the track quickly enough, the remainder of the race had to be completed behind the Safety Car.

Unsurprisingly, Toto and Lewis lamented the fact that proper procedure wasn’t similarly followed when it mattered most to them at the business end of last season. Very hard to disagree with them too.

Incredibly however, with a neck of commensurate rigidity to a jockey’s nether regions, the bould Mr Horner went on to decry the Abu Dhabi method of conclusion not being deployed once again. Even though his driver won the race in question.

The mind boggles. Alas, due to the paucity of opposition, for the foreseeable, the Red Bull outfit will more than likely be able to fly to victory as they please.

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