Nelson’s the pillar on which Meath aim to build more success

How do you follow greatness? The common answer to this question is that whoever draws what can be a poisoned chalice is on a hiding to nothing.

Think about it. David Moyes after Sir Alex Ferguson, Eamonn Barry taking over from Sean Boylan. Or whoever strove to be National Hunt Champion Jockey in the UK once both AP McCoy and Richard Johnson.

Whomever was the chosen one to take over from Eamonn Murray in stewardship of the Meath Ladies team would also have an extremely arduous task given the monumental transformation in the county’s fortunes the Boardsmill clubman oversaw.

The onerous task was this week assigned to Davy Nelson of the Navan O’Mahony’s club. Having enjoyed an honour-laden career with the hoops, the former wing forward has also amassed an impressive CV in team management as well.

New Meath Ladies manager Davy Nelson

His achievements highlighted by the garnering of four Keegan Cup triumphs by the Brews Hill residents under his guidance. On foot of which, most likely, Davy also had spells as Manager of both Meath’s U-21 football teams.

At this point, I must apologise for a lack of knowledge as to whether Davy has any experience of coaching ladies teams. But, his will be the pillar on which they will hope to build more success.

What will be absolutely vouched for is the fact that the incoming boss will bring a winning mentality and methodology to his new role.

On that score at least, he should have no problem among those with whom he will be working going forward. Proven winners all of them, with the experience and street smarts to build on their already astonishing achievements.

Doubtless, there will be some who might question whether they will be able to continue their astounding journey given that – as things stand – they will begin their quest for a third consecutive Brendan Martin Cup conquest without the incalculable influences of Emma Troy, Orlagh Lally and Vikki Wall.

Midfielder Maire O’Shaughnessy with former Meath manager Eamonn Murray

However, this corner would not be too quick to rush to judgement. For one thing, the AFLW season is drawing to a conclusion and things can change over there quite quickly.

Secondly, if, in a worst case scenario, the Royals on tour don’t return for next season, with the likes of Maire O’Shaughnessy (pictured) and others aboard, the current queens of the game certainly won’t lack for leadership or drive.

Furthermore, as has to be the case with any successful group, there are many more contributors waiting in reserve to make their contribution if receiving the call to active service.

Yes, when you are top of the pile there’s only one way you can go, but what if you don’t move at all. They are where everybody else wants to be.

You can bet your Sunday morning fry up Davy and his fellow mentors and – even more so – the players will be working every bit as hard if not harder to stay there as will be those trying to dislodge them.

The only pity is, due to the idiocy that is the current split season, it will be many months before we get to see them continue their historic journey.

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