Who’d be a Dare Devil and fill up on hope

Chances are in-running betting didn’t exist in April 1993. Had it, Lord only knows what price Manchester United were entering the dying embers of their Easter Saturday clash with Sheffield Wednesday.

The home team needing to win to keep their hopes of a first title in 26 years alive. When David Hirst gave David Pleat’s team the line of thought was there was enough time for the situation to be rectified.

92 minutes in, however, was a different story. Thus, when Steve Bruce headed an equaliser it looked like nothing more than a mere consolation. But that day ended up being the first manifestation of there being something different about Alex Ferguson’s team.

They engineered another corner, The Owl’s repelled it, but Gary Pallister, of all people, swung in a magnificent cross which Bruce headed in again to incredibly give United the win they needed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Unsung Hero: Steve Bruce

That stunning Saturday nearly three decades ago came back to mind tonight while observing Scott McTominay eventually drilled a route past Omonia in the Europa League. The only difference between then and now being that all those years ago you knew they would score whereas now it’s like pulling a bit of grass, throwing it in the air and hoping it goes in the desired direction.

Against the Neil Lennon-coached Cypriot minnows, it appeared Eric ten Hag’s team were going to leave a trailer load of chances behind them and leave themselves teetering over the trap door of a European exit. However, the Manchester Derby notwithstanding, inclination for the last while has been that ten Hag is not only turning things around for the better but re-introducing a bit of the Ferguson fire to boot.

Late winner: McTominay

Scott McTominay is something of an enigma to me. In ways somewhat like Roy Keane. He might never be possessed of the same world class footballing ability of the Cork colossus but is certainly a similar style of player. Strong, combative and driven. Yet last night it was his deftness of touch which was of the utmost importance.

It being a case of 33rd time was a charm. United having squandered up to and including the preceding number of scoring chances prior to filling the onion bag.

If you allow them the liberty of the reality that Man City are liable to do to any team what they inflicted upon their sadly silenced neighbours on derby day, there may be a case that the Red Devils might in fact be on the up again. Yes such feelings have manifested previously only to end up as limp as a flag on a wet day. But sure if you can’t dream, what can you do?

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