Truss throws in the towel as political chaos continues


In one of the biggest political undressings in history, Liz Truss has bowed to the inevitable and resigned as British Prime Minister just 44 days after getting her seal of office from Queen Elizabeth II in the latter’s final official duty before her death.

The erstwhile Conservative Leader was beset by controversy and rebuttal from within her own ranks as her economic measures went down like a lead balloon faster than Maggie Thatcher’s popularity in Ireland. Already, perennially self-obsessed Tories are frantically scrambling to see who they can now parachute into 10 Downing Street.

However, equally as quickly and not at all surprisingly, Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer MP has demanded an immediate General Election. Mind you, the red rose have been such a ramshackle outfit since their heady days in the era of Tony Blair and Gordon Browne.

Naturally, developments in Downing Street and around the House Of Commons will be observed with keen interest and a little trepidation in the corridors of Dail Eireann with issues such as Brexit, the Northern Ireland Protocol and, at same point, the next round of CAP negotiations of crucial importance to Ireland.

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