Boylan Talks Sport Brain Fitness Test – No. 25

After far too long of a hiatus and within winter closing in we’ve belatedly gone into Quiz mode!

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Boylan Talks Sport Brain Fitness Test - No. 25

After far too long of a hiatus, with the winter evenings closing in, we've dusted down the old Quiz Book

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What is the one major race Frankie Dettori hasn't won?

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Boxer Tyson Fury is known as what?

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Several former Munster Rugby players recently took on new coaching roles, but where is Donncha O'Callaghan headed?

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A goal in the Australian Football League is worth how many points?

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The Glazer family - who are slowly but surely destroying Manchester United - own what American Football franchise

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American Jerome Westbrooks was recently pictured at the funeral of former Dublin footballer Brian Mullins, but at what sport did he enjoy considerable success here himself?

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Leinster's Sean O'Brien bought what for his parents when he was awarded his first professional contract?

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Scoon Palace Park is a venue for what sport?

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On his last outing against Dublin as a player, how much did new Meath manager Colm O'Rourke score?

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The team Lance Armstrong was with when the Doping scandal broke?

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Simon Zebo this season broke the European try scoring record of which Munster legend

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Who was the Liverpool player who asked the referee how long was left at the end of 1989 title decider against Arsenal?

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The subject of a recent Sky documentary, 'The Man Who Bought Cricket' was?

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Darragh McElhinney took Silver, guaranteeing team Gold for himself and his colleagues in what sporting event?

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Paul O'Connell once gave an extraordinarily fast answer on A Question Of Sport but what German club was the answer to the question 

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