Emery back in England

Aston Villa have turned to Unai Emery to replace the defenestrated Steven Gerrard as they seek to extricate themselves from the relegation dogfight near the foot of the Premier League table.

It marks a return to English football for Emery who previously had an underwhelming stint in charge of Arsenal, having been serially successful in Spain prior to and following that.

For Villa, the hope will be that the new manager will afford them a degree of stability with their fortunes having plumetted towards the end of the former Liverpool midfielder’s reign.

Now, the following the almost feels alien to a Manchester United supporter, but, I cannot help but feel sorry for Gerrard, especially as the same players produced an outstanding victory just days after he left. Which can only lead one to conclude they weren’t putting it all in towards the end of the former Rangers manager’s stewardship.

Unai Emery

As for where Villa go from here, it’s hard to know what their ambitions are, but from where they are now things can only get better.

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