Moyfernagh March On

Moyfernagh… 1-09

Blackwater… 1-07

Brendan Murphy’s Moyfernagh side advanced to the knockout stages of the Dioralyte Regional Football Championship at Dunganny on Wednesday evening.

Those clad in green and white made light of the absence of the phenomenal Mickey Burke as well as Longwood’s Billy Hogan to advance to the knockout stages with a round to spare.

Harry Hogan was among the scorers for Moyfernagh

Perhaps predictably, the doomsayers already have lasered in on the fact that it now means Blackwater’s concluding group outing against Tara has nothing tangible at stake therein. To me, that goes against the grain of the entire spirit and concept of the competition. That being giving players an opportunity to put their case forward for county team selection.

Anyway, on Wednesday evening, a goal from Boardsmill’s Danny Dixon and the accuracy of Ryan Moore from Longwood gave Murphy’s men a somewhat unlikely success over their opponents for whom Mickey Newman and Barry O’Connell were again to the fore.

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