If Beckham talk isn’t a ball hop it could be worth exploring

Manchester United could use some good news. After all, they’ve just pissed off the highest profile, arguably most important player at the club and let him walk away without as much as a whimper.

Even with him, their hopes of getting top four football by the end of the season would’ve been slim enough but without Cristiano Ronaldo there’s more chance of Boris Johnson winning a popularity contest.

The manner in which the club has gone from being a superpower to an underwhelming also-ran in both English and European football would be sad enough were it not utterly catastrophic for one of the biggest football clubs and business brands in the world.

If you go back as far as the signings of players like Nick Powell, Wilf Zaha, Federico Macheda and Adnan Janujaz, if you’ve followed the Red Devils for any length of time you’ll know some if not all of the above were not typical United signings.

Now factor in the managerial merry-go-round since Sir Alex Ferguson retired and maybe it’s no wonder the club’s output and profile dissipated markedly. That’s without even mentioning the manner in which the Glazers have diverted massive finances out of the club and towards the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Presumably to meet the wage requirements of a certain Mr Brady.

The Glazers almost destroyed Manchester United

Thankfully, it appears there’s light at the end of the tunnel. As Captain Mainwaring once said in Dad’s Army it’s a very faint light at the end of a very dark tunnel, but it’s there. The key to making the light brighter is to get the Glazers out the door and blessedly it appears to be in motion.

Under normal circumstances, there may be some cautious apprehension about stepping into the unknown but my guess would be that the general view is along the lines of anything would be better than where the club finds itself now.

Where is that exactly? Well, definitely with more stability under Erik ten Hag than has been the case for far too long. That said, I sit by my gut feeling that they will struggle to qualify for European football but even if that does turn out to be the case, in the circumstances it may not be the worst thing in the world.

That is if players, fans and those now at the controls have the common sense and patience to let events on the field and – more importantly – off it. Presuming the Glazers do throw their ownership of the club into the end zone.

Of course, the question then becomes who is likely to acquire arguably the biggest sporting asset in the world? While in one sense gut instinct would be to rejoice at the thought of a wealthy Arab or a consortium thereof, but, he who appears to be the front runner in the market, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is obviously not short of a buck either. Nobody in the chemical industry is. They all mightn’t have 11.8bn to spend on their hobby though.

However, of all the rumours doing the rounds presently – and there are many of the wild and whirling variety – the most interesting, as far as I’d be concerned, would be the murmurings pertaining to David Beckham being interested in engaging in talks with the club on the matter.

Sensational return? David Beckham

Now, while there are a few factors which could make one despise the former midfielder, despite the fact that he’s obviously not short of a few bob, being the owner or at least part owner of two football teams – Salford City and Inter Miami – he seems to be a genuine football man as opposed to some so called businessmen who have been found out as using football clubs as vehicles to make and move money.

If the Beckham situation is genuine and not a ball hop, it could be worth exploring. In view of the financial clout referred earlier, but also because – with the Salford case anyway – as well as Becks, other members of the United Class of ’92, the Neville brothers, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, are also in on it.

Whether the lads (probably minus one) would be in on any proposed Beckham bid remains to be seen. But whether with or without them it certainly would be an interesting and exciting development.

One would like to think that the very reality of getting rid of the Glazers would be a shot of positivity in itself but there’s no escaping the conclusion that, no matter who is in what position, the club do have significant ground to make up on their contemporaries.

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